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Share of workers in informal sector is on the rise. What explains this jump?

PLFS data say that while the percentage of workers in informal employment in the non-farm sector was 68.2 percent in 2018-19, it increased steadily to 71.8 percent in 2021-22

March 01, 2023 / 09:25 AM IST
Share of workers in informal sector is on the rise. What explains this jump?

Measuring the extent of informality in the Indian economy is an exercise fraught with peril, not only because of different measuring rods, but also because of the paucity of data. It doesn’t help that informality is usually seen as a stigma, to be shed as rapidly possible in the march towards a modern economy. The World Bank’s database on the global informal economy puts India’s informal employment at a staggering 88.6 percent of total employment in 2018. The World Bank’s...

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