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Mohit Joshi's exit shows how Infosys has become a victim of its own success

The exit of Mohit Joshi and Ravi Kumar within two months means that Infosys will need to restart its succession process. Meanwhile, the IT giant can treat its leavers as brand ambassadors of the company, a la Hindustan Lever 

March 17, 2023 / 08:43 AM IST
Mohit Joshi's exit shows how Infosys has become a victim of its own success

Mohit Joshi and Ravi Kumar Both men have been high performers, virtual Infosys lifers who were slotted in as possible successors to Salil Parekh

Highlights Mohit Joshi, president at Infosys will be CEO of rival Tech Mahindra, the second person within two months to move out of the IT behemoth Infosys is being poached by its rivals, a sign of the quality of its pool of talent and also its growing vulnerability Mohit Joshi, and Ravi Kumar, who left for Cognizant, were both viewed as possible successors to current CEO Salil Parekh Tech Mahindra’s needs to reduce its dependence on telecom, something that Joshi’s experience in financial,...

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