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Infosys' top talent is being hunted by global companies, and it's not complaining

Two of Infosys' senior executives are on the board of global corporations. Companies benefit from their experience and skills, and the executives get valuable insights and grooming for a higher role 

July 09, 2021 / 10:57 AM IST
Infosys' top talent is being hunted by global companies, and it's not complaining

Infosys president ​Ravi Kumar S. just joined the board of NASDAQ-listed Digimarc Corporation, which provides digital watermarking software that embeds code in printed and digital content. With 2020 revenue of $24.99 million, Digimarc is tiny as compared to the $13.56 billion Infosys, but it is considered a pioneer in its field and earns money through licensing its technologies to heavyweights like Microsoft, Adobe Systems, The Nielsen Company, and Open Text. Kumar also chairs the boards of the other digital...

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