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How stringent are India’s mini-lockdowns?

The index is still much lower than what it was last September, even though new cases are far higher  

April 19, 2021 / 03:49 PM IST
How stringent are India’s mini-lockdowns?

After a national lockdown a year ago led to an economic slump, the Indian government is desperate to avoid a second stoppage. But Delhi joined Mumbai in ordering all but essential services to close. (Image: AFP)

The Oxford Coronavirus Government Response Tracker, more commonly known as the Stringency Index, is a measure of government actions across the globe to restrict the spread of COVID-19. The parameters it tracks include workplace closures, school closures, closures of public transport, stay-at-home requirements, movement restrictions, cancellation of public events, public information campaigns, restrictions on public gatherings and international travel controls. Chart 1 shows how the stringency index has moved for India since the pandemic started and the lockdowns began....

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