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Coal India's earnings disappointed, but a bigger concern is existential in nature

Investors were disappointed as Cola India's performance did not reflect higher demand. More importantly, the PSU behemoth needs a concrete plan to navigate the shift from coal in the energy mix

November 16, 2021 / 09:19 AM IST
Coal India's earnings disappointed, but a bigger concern is existential in nature

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Tepid earnings amid a strong demand environment upset Coal India’s investors who sent its shares down 4 percent on November 15. The company’s earnings in the September quarter trailed Street estimates due to higher costs and flat realisations. As Coal India commences supply of coal sold through auctions (at higher rates) realisations are expected to improve in December quarter. “Since e-auctions restarted after a pause (to cater to the power sector demand) only on August 20, lifting started from October 4 onwards....

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