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Aircraft Lessors Vs Go Airlines: Implications of the NCLAT order

NCLAT upheld Go Airlines' admission to the insolvency process but on other crucial questions raised by aircraft lessors the NCLT will first decide

May 24, 2023 / 01:30 PM IST
Aircraft Lessors Vs Go Airlines: Implications of the NCLAT order

The suspended board of Go Airlines has filed a caveat to be heard in SC, according to news reports. (Representative image)

Aircraft lessors failed to get the relief they sought from the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal. This being a case of a high profile voluntary corporate insolvency petition and involving an airline—where crucial assets such as planes are often leased than bought—is important from the industry and investors’ point of view. But it’s not entirely a setback for lessors. While the NCLAT upheld the admission of Go Airline’s insolvency petition, it has asked aircraft lessors to seek relief from the NCLT...

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