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Retirement Saving Scheme: How to earn 50,000/month from National Pension Scheme (NPS)

Retirement Saving Scheme NPS: If you want to get a monthly pension of Rs 50,000 from NPS, you need to back-calculate the corpus requirement based on the 40% annuity rule. If you only use the mandatory 40% NPS corpus for purchasing annuity, then at an annuity rate of 6%, you need a Rs 2.5 crore NPS corpus. Of this, 40% or Rs 1 core will be used for purchasing annuity. This annuity (at 6%) will generate Rs 6 lakh yearly or Rs 50,000 monthly pension. Remember, this is when only 40% corpus is used for annuity purchase. You then also get Rs 1.5 crore (remaining 60%) as lump sum tax-free withdrawal. The numbers will change for different annuity rates. Watch the video to know how to make 50,000/month from NPS


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