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Welspun One Logistics Parks launches portal for landowners, brokers

At present, the process of lead generation in the warehousing and logistics sector is confined to traditional modes of communication

Welspun Corp

Welspun Corp

A pan-India integrated fund, development and asset management platform, Welspun One Logistics Parks, has launched an online partner portal to collaborate with external stakeholders, especially landowners and brokers.

The aim of the platform is to create a mechanism that will enable sharing of leads and create a direct communication channel with Welspun One’s land buying and leasing teams.

Currently, the process of lead generation in the warehousing and logistics sector is confined to traditional modes of communication. The introduction of an online and integrated platform is a major step forward by Welspun One to bring about digitisation in the industry, and is in line with initiatives like ‘Digital India’ where there is an increasing emphasis on creating online infrastructure, the company said.

“High internet penetration and adoption of technology has accelerated digitisation across verticals. The industry needs a seamless platform to eliminate outdated and lengthy processes involved in land and leasing transactions. With our distinctive, tech-enabled offering - the ‘Partner Portal’, we aim to build a high level of transparency, seamless communication, and timely updates through a single, online channel,” said Anshul Singhal, Managing Director, Welspun One Logistics Parks.

“All the leads fed into the channel are evaluated under a CRM that allows us to sort deals faster and help focus the efforts of the real rainmakers of the industry, our broker community.”

The feature can be availed by landowners, brokers, customers and International Property Consultants (IPCs) by simply registering on the company website’s Partner Portal section. The registrant is then provided with unique credentials that allow access to a specific dashboard and enables them to introduce new leads for land transactions and/or for fulfilling warehouse leasing requirements across India.

Not only can partners register a new lead but they can also track the status of their existing leads without a single e-mail or a phone call. Once the details are shared on the website- a designated, in-house team screens and evaluates the leads.

Since, the system seeks to reduce unnecessary correspondence, avoid lead duplication and provide a faster turnaround time, all the information forms are designed towards abetting effective lead evaluation. The portal is also secured, and all information entered is treated as highly confidential, with only select and relevant teams from Welspun One given access to such data, the company said.

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first published: Mar 31, 2021 04:51 pm