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How to finance your higher studies abroad during the pandemic

Your chances of availing a loan increase if you have admission to a reputed university abroad compared to an average college

February 25, 2022 / 09:02 AM IST
(Representative image)

(Representative image)

Planning for higher education is one of the most challenging tasks for students and their parents. While students struggle to zero in on the course or the right university that suits them, parents find it challenging to manage the cost of their children's higher education. Sadly, things have only gotten difficult for parents and students in the last two years, especially for students aspiring to study abroad.

The ongoing pandemic has redefined the world’s way or living and has turned it upside down ever since it began in 2020. Lockdowns hit all sections of society, and education was no exception. Education became more complicated with the commencement of online learning, as students and teachers struggled to come to terms with digital learning in the initial few months of the pandemic. In this highly uncertain environment, where new virus outbreaks frequently threaten the slow recovery to normalcy, planning for higher education abroad is a monumental task.

Acquiring a student visa

One of the major hurdles in moving abroad for education is acquiring a student visa. Though the trend shows that the number of students moving abroad for higher education has been increasing in the last few years, 2020 saw only 2.6 lakh students being issued student visas to move to their desired country of education. According to a recent study, 5.6 lakh students were granted visas to fly abroad in 2019. Though the scenario improved significantly in the last year, the uncertainty over new variants emerging remains a threat to countries coming forward to offer study visas to students. Parents should be prepared to tackle this challenge as they plan to send their children abroad for quality education.