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TCS: Why a fully discovered stock will continue to attract investor attention

We see strong tailwind for this technology bellwether that should translate into steady predictable earnings growth. TCS is a core portfolio stock to be added on every decline

April 13, 2021 / 08:24 PM IST
TCS: Why a fully discovered stock will continue to attract investor attention

A man walks out of the office of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in Mumbai. | File image (PC-Reuters)

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Quarterly performance largely backed by improved realisations
Medium-term triggers China plus and protectionist measures for tyre industry
Valuations not inexpensive; but improved medium-term outlook

TCS (CMP: Rs 3,246 Market Cap: Rs 1,218,230 crore) reported a good quarter with strong traction in revenue, stable margin, record deal win and pipeline and reassuring commentary on the supply side. The stock has marginally outperformed the Nifty in the past three months (4 per cent rise against a flat Nifty) but has underperformed the BSE IT index. With the technology sector on a structural upswing, a sector leader like TCS now provides multi-year earnings visibility. Hence, investors simply cannot...

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