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IRCTC - Will the train run with full throttle?

If the stock of IRCTC remains lacklustre due to the impending headwinds, it may be a great idea to gradually build up position in the weak phase

September 14, 2020 / 01:53 PM IST
IRCTC - Will the train run with full throttle?

Highlights - IRCTC’s Q1FY21 result was a washout on expected lines - The company reported operating and net loss - Only internet ticketing had a segmental profit - The stock might remain subdued in the near-term – OFS an added overhang - The long-term moats intact – accumulate in the weak phase IRCTC (CMP: Rs 1370 Market Cap: Rs 21,928 crore) had been the blue-eyed boy of the stock market ever since its stellar listing. This one of a kind business that seemed unstoppable till...

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