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Indostar Capital: Weak Q4FY20, but will Brookfield ownership help stock re-rate?

June 20, 2020 / 10:25 AM IST
Indostar Capital: Weak Q4FY20, but will Brookfield ownership help stock re-rate?

Indostar Capital Finance (CMP: Rs 285, Market Cap: Rs 3,516 crore) reported a weak March quarter. The private equity-backed non-bank lender posted a huge loss of Rs 421 crore in Q4FY20 which negated the profits of the previous three quarters leading to an overall loss for FY20. Indostar’s profitability deteriorated due to a significant rise in credit costs and fall in disbursements. However, despite its unimpressive performance, we are positive on Indostar. There are multiple reasons for our optimism. We...

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