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GuruSpeak | Striking it big at 22, this options seller has found his groove

Not finding a job of his liking proved lucky for Aditya Trivedi. He put his heart and soul into trading, took early losses in stride, adopting a strategy that’s put him in a league of his own

June 29, 2022 / 12:22 PM IST
GuruSpeak | Striking it big at 22, this options seller has found his groove

Catching them young is a phrase commonly associated with sports, but increasingly it is being used in trading and investing. Millennials are getting attracted to the market, partly because of the noise created on various social media platforms and partly because there are fewer jobs to their liking. Aditya Trivedi started trading at 19 when he completed his graduation and could not find a job of his choice. Having worked briefly with a broker, he had seen traders make big...

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