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GuruSpeak | Sourabh Sisodiya : A quant trader in pursuit of knowledge

‘What has helped me succeed is effective risk management. My average losing day is smaller than my average winning day. At no point do I allow my losses to spiral out of control.’

May 22, 2020 / 02:17 PM IST
GuruSpeak | Sourabh Sisodiya : A quant trader in pursuit of knowledge

It's normally difficult to find a self-driven person who is born with a silver spoon. Sourabh Sisodiya, born in a jewellers’ family, completed his engineering from one of the most reputed colleges in Mumbai and worked his way to become a successful quant trader. He has very strong views on the use of data for trading. Without data, you are just a person with an opinion, he says in a free-wheeling interview with Moneycontrol. On weekends he trains traders from...

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