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Edge computing and IoT are all set to revolutionise your shopping experience

The following article is an initiative of Schneider and is intended to create awareness among the users.

The evolution of point of sale systems, bar code scanners, digital modes of payment, etc., at shopping centres have changed the face of the retail sector. With advanced technologies, retailers today are using computers for inventory management. These systems are in place for quite some time and they are set to get bigger and better anytime soon.

Edge computing coupled with Internet of Things (IoT) will make you experience a whole new world of shopping that you never comprehended before!

Some high-end retailers have already started giving an engaging experience to their customers. For instance, they are using facial recognition technique, with powerful cameras, so that they recognise you the moment you walk inside the shopping centre to give you a personalised experience.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. New and advanced technologies are all set to give customers an unbelievable experience and all this is possible because with data collection and analysis.

A combination of IoT transmitters, sensors, cameras, and beacons connected to a data centre on-site at each of these retail locations can revolutionise the way one shops. These on-site data centres are part of a larger cloud computing architecture located at the store on the network edge.

Retailers need to assess tonnes of data quickly and edge computing can deliver best performance without any latency and lag. Edge computing is based on a more distributed network. As edge computing makes working easier, it is set to refine shopping activities and even go over the board.

Through edge and IoT, you could even shop wearing Oculus goggles or a tablet or smart phone to see coupons for merchandise on the devices as you navigate your way through the store.

You may end up watching different videos on healthy snacks to make a better choice. When you take an item off the shelf, a competitor’s commercial may appear, trying to change your mind. Your personal health can also be improved. Imagine, you pick up an item in a grocery store and your device alerts you that it contains gluten or peanuts, which could be harmful or even life threatening.

Virtual reality can also enter dressing rooms as you will be able to try on limitless varieties of clothes in any colour. Just by wearing VR goggles, an entire virtual store could be placed anywhere – like the parking lot outside your office, home or apartment. It can be configured to have anything you request.

And you should see it to believe it. APC by Schneider Electric will help you in this. It will fuel growth and provide your customers a glitch-free retail experience.

It can turn your server room into the IoT-ready on-premise data centres. APC, which provides all components for the local edge IT Infrastructure, is the leading brand in uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and IT Infrastructure. It also makes easy for customers to choose and provide them the benefit of having single window for all the needs.

All components in APC Local edge solution are IoT ready i.e. they communicate with each other and can be monitored by the user over IP from a remote location. It is even awarding a 75% grant to complete the remaining IT Infrastructure.

With all this tech optimisation, you may never need an actual store.
First Published on Mar 14, 2018 05:52 pm
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