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Despite lull in hiring, professionals with these top tech skills are in high demand

According to Vikram Ahuja, co-founder, Talent500 by ANSR Consulting, a recruitment platform, there is a huge demand for a full stack developer as firms are now looking at doubling their product development.

May 07, 2020 / 06:41 PM IST

Despite hiring activity being badly hit due to the coronavirus outbreak, professionals equipped with certain skills continue to be in demand, according to experts.

These include cloud computing, network architect, full stack developers, data scientists and augmented and virtual reality experts.

Network architect/engineer

Nothing has brought forth the importance of network engineer like COVID-19. Their role includes planning, implementing and managing computer networks. This could include data, voice, calls and wireless networks.

They are also responsible for ensuring connectivity at all times and diagnosing and troubleshooting network errors.


This is one of the hot profiles right now as industries are moving to remote working model.

Who needs them? All firms need network engineers, especially tech firms where they are needed to oversee the network. According to, there are about 105 jobs for freshers and also opening in major firms such as Accenture and Tech Mahindra for the profile.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) engineer

What is AR/VR? In AR, technology is used to enhance or augment the real world whereas VR lets you immerse in a whole different world in 3D.

Demand for AR/VR engineers have been on the rise in the last few years with tech majors investing in the technology. But the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the demand ever further. According to reports, demand for AR/VR technology increased after the virus outbreak intensified increased 2X as companies are looking to train their staff using the technology.

Who is hiring? Tech firms like Google that are making investing in the tech and game developers. According to site, there are close to 180 job postings for VR engineers with payscale ranging between Rs 3 lakh per annum and Rs 15 lakh per annum depending on experience.

Full stack developer

A full-stack developer is someone who can handle both the frontend, which involves the user or the business, and the backend, essentially the technical part.

Full-stack developer should be knowledgeable in languages such as Python and Java (backend) and HTML and Javascript (for frontend), MySql or other databases languages and server technology. In addition, they should also possess project management skills.

Who is hiring?

According to Vikram Ahuja, co-founder, Talent500 by ANSR Consulting, a recruitment platform, there is a huge demand for a full stack developer as firms are now looking at doubling their product development. Their salary might range anywhere between Rs 5 lakh per annum to Rs 18 lakh per annum based on experience and talent.

Cloud computing

During the Q4 FY2020 results announcements major IT firms had one area where the traction was significant. It was cloud. With the virus outbreak, came the need to migrate to cloud and fast if the companies had to stay in business. Like Arvind Krishna, CEO, IBM pointed out during an event, the pace at which this adoption is happening has accelerated due to COVID-19 and the transformation is happening in few months period compared to few years before.

Who is hiring? All cloud giants are hiring including Google, AWS and Microsoft. According to a report by Virtualisation Review, while Microsoft has reportedly frozen hiring in other areas, it is still recruiting Azure talents. According to executives, salary could range between Rs 4-5 lakh for freshers and Rs 25 lakh for a decade of experience.

AI, Data science and ML

These three skills continue to be in demand as more firms are beginning to invest in digital. Speaking at the IBM Think Digital 2020 event, CEO Arvind Krishna said that every company will be an AI company going forward, for the innovation and scale can come from deploying AI. All sectors from hospitals and banks and startups are investing heavily in AI to make their systems more intelligent and efficient. Data scientists are at the core of all these innovations, who help companies make sense of data.

According to executives, firms are even willing to pay a premium for this talent even amid the crisis. A beginner can get a salary of Rs 8-10 lakh per annum and in a couple of years can step it up to Rs 16 lakh. A data scientist with five to six years of experience can get Rs 30 lakh.

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Swathi Moorthy
first published: May 6, 2020 08:49 pm
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