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Industry-best success rates make Paytm Payment Gateway the best of its kind in India. Here’s how

Features such as Paytm wallet and Paytm Postpaid help customers complete transactions with just a click; no OTP or additional details are needed

May 31, 2022 / 07:37 PM IST

Imagine this – you’re ready to make the sale of your life, something you and your company have been working for months together and you find the right customer interested in your product or service. With everything going smoothly, imagine their – and your – frustration when the payment gateway on your website returns an unexpected error. Not only has the transaction not gone through, you’ve also left a bad impression on your customer who will think twice before checking out from your e-store next time.

If this sounds familiar, it means you need an overhaul of your payment gateway to something that has high success rates, no matter the load on its servers. While there are quite a few options to choose from, we recommend selecting Paytm Payment Gateway for your website for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the fact that it offers industry-best transaction success rates with an uptime of 99.99%.

Here are some other reasons to choose Paytm Payment Gateway for your business –

1 – Manages transactions during peak times and sale days

It’s a no-brainer that special occasions and sale season bring customers flocking to e-commerce platforms. However, too many customers at the same time can break the system if it doesn’t have the bandwidth to handle their capacity. Paytm Payment Gateway (PG) has the industry highest capability of processing up to 3000 transactions per second - greater than all other major providers put together! With Paytm PG, high traffic means higher transactions going through. According to Kunal Chaurasia, Product Head, Cure Fit says, “Paytm has been the preferred wallet and payment gateway for from day one. Their focus on improving the success rate and reducing the time to complete payments makes them stand out.”

2 – Contains repository of 365 million saved instruments

If there’s one thing consumers look for when conducting e-commerce transactions, it is convenience. Keeping this in mind, Paytm PG has 250mn+ saved cards, 100mn+ saved bank accounts and 15mn UPI IDs. This not only enhances the checkout experience for your customers by freeing them from the hassle of entering their payment details time and again but also reduces transaction time and increases success rates.

3 – Uses in-house banking infrastructure

While other payment gateways rely on external banking infrastructure, Paytm PG uses inhouse banking infra that coupled with Paytm’s intelligent routing, direct integration with the top six banks in India and 15 bank gateways, reduces transaction time and ensures payments go through seamlessly. In fact, this is the same robust and reliable technology that powers the main Paytm app that is used by over 330 million Indians.

4 – Supports all payment options

One of the biggest reasons for cart abandonment occurs when a customer doesn’t find their preferred payment option. Which is why Paytm PG supports almost all kinds of payment options such as debit cards, credit cards, netbanking via 50+ banks, UPI, mobile wallet, BNPL, Easy EMIs and more. As Suhas A R, Marketing Manager, Career Launcher says, “Paytm has helped us in providing all kind of payment options for wallets with credit cards supporting all cards from Rupay to Amex. This has helped us grow our online business immensely.”

5 – Also supports one-click payment options

Thanks to features such as Paytm wallet & Paytm Postpaid, customers using Paytm PG can complete transactions with just one click, no OTP or additional details required. The sheer convenience of this feature makes it a winner amongst other payment gateways.

6 – Enabled with game-changing Javascript (JS) checkout

Paytm PG has pioneered the Javascript (JS) checkout innovation that allows merchants to accept online payments easily with zero redirects outside their web or app environment, reducing distractions and cart abandonment from users. As soon as a customer clicks on ‘Proceed to Pay’, a customisable payment window pops-up and the entire payment irrespective of the payment option used happens within your website or app thus enhancing customer trust and preventing payment failures.

7 – Super-fast checkouts guaranteed with all-in-one SDK

All-in-one SDK provides a swift, secure, and seamless payment experience to users by invoking the Paytm app (if installed on your user’s smartphone) to complete payment for your order. As the app is used by over 330 million Indians, there’s a fairly good chance your customer will have it installed on their smartphone, thus ensuring that no OTP based login is required even as your business gets access to the customer’s saved instruments and the transaction completes successfully with zero re-directs. All-in-one SDK is supported for both native and hybrid apps.

8 – Handle recurring payments like a pro with Paytm Subscriptions

With innovative features like UPI-Autopay, you can use Paytm subscriptions to collect recurring payments from customers without breaking a sweat. Once the customer approves the payment mandate, the amount automatically gets debited from their account. Paytm subscriptions also helps merchants to innovate their business model and offer flat/variable charges based on usage or even offer free trials for a specified period of time to attract more consumers.

With so many industry-leading features, incredible uptime and the highest success rates, it’s difficult to recommend any other payment gateway when Paytm PG does all of these and more. Leave your customers’ cart abandonment issues behind and install Paytm payment gateway to see the difference in your bottom line.

Check out Paytm PG’s payment gateway website here.

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first published: May 31, 2022 07:00 pm