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The New Age CFO: Transforming Basics | EP 02 | Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters, in partnership with CNBC TV18, brings together a panel of India's top CFOs who share their valuable thoughts on how technology is empowering them to deal with the challenges of the new-age corporate world.

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In this era of rapid corporate digitization, the role of CFOs is transforming to encompass responsibilities beyond their traditional role. To explore how technology is helping in core operations of CFOs and enabling them to evolve to take on larger, more strategic roles, Thomson Reuters, in partnership with CNBC TV18, undertook an exhaustive study involving a long string of interviews with CFOs of global companies in India and Asia. This initiative - “The New Age CFO: Transforming Basics” – culminated in panel discussions among CFOs, who were handpicked from leading corporates that belong to a wide range of business segments. This panel – comprising of finance heads who represented companies with a large global presence – shared their unique experiences of how technology has facilitated them in dealing with constantly changing external and internal corporate environments, at an international level.


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