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At Moneycontrol, the Results page helps you effectively track corporate announcements and results for various listed companies across both India and abroad. With our Results page, you can keep abreast with an updated, comprehensive view of all the profit/loss statements, company spendings, AGM outcomes, and quarterly and annual results from all these listed companies. Additionally, Moneycontrol also regularly tracks international MNCs listed on NASDAQ and Asian bourses, including popular companies like Apple, Google, Alibaba. Apart from finding solid copies of company results, stock movements consequent to these company results, expectations, and analytical post results copies, you will also find copies and articles detailing the earnings, impact, and all major announcements made to media/exchanges by these companies, so that you do not miss anything. We also provide you with concrete data points to help you spot profitable trades, stock build-ups, and bulk deals. At Moneycontrol, we also cover analysts/investors meetings; scrutinise results and data and BSE/NSE reports or news. The copies are not just full of information and data, but are also adequately supplemented with expert views, investor opinions, extensive interviews, videos, and a huge variety of explainers, analyses, and informative slideshows to help you gauge the market and make investment decisions in the best possible manner. More

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