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Waiting for the Fed — How much is priced in?

On the eve of the FOMC meeting, the market has already priced in a 75 basis point hike. Investors will look for clues whether the fall in inflation expectations and the slowing of US growth will make the Fed less hawkish

September 21, 2022 / 10:58 AM IST
Waiting for the Fed — How much is priced in?

US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell (file image)

As the accompanying table shows, the probability that the US Federal Open Markets Committee (FOMC) will hike the Fed Funds target rate by 75 basis points at its current meeting was 82 percent on Wednesday morning (IST), according to the CME Fedwatch tool, which publishes the probabilities the market is pricing in. Further, the table also shows that there’s almost a 60 percent probability of another 75 basis point hike at the Fed’s next meeting on 2nd November 2022,...

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