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The PM is right, India’s government spending is too high 

India’s govt revenues/GDP ratio for its level of per capita income is all right; it’s the govt expenditure that is the problem

August 10, 2022 / 10:15 AM IST
The PM is right, India’s government spending is too high 

In the last two years, the government had to support the economy as the pandemic led to much lower levels of private sector activity

The prime minister has recently drawn attention to the pernicious impacts of freebies on the Indian economy. The data fully support his contention. Simply put, India’s government spends too much. The accompanying table shows the level of per capita income (in purchasing power parity terms at constant 2017 dollars) of various countries we like to think of as our peers. Most of them have far higher levels of per capita income than ours. Despite that, India’s government revenue/GDP ratio is...

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