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SBI Life and Max Life ride recovery, but will LIC queer the pitch in FY22?

SBI Life and Max Life outpaced life insurance industry growth in February. There are fears that LIC’s impending listing may see it become more aggressive

March 10, 2021 / 10:11 AM IST
SBI Life and Max Life ride recovery, but will LIC queer the pitch in FY22?

Shares of HDFC Life Insurance Co and SBI Life Insurance Co hit new 52-week highs on Tuesday after life insurance sales rebounded in February. The widely tracked individual annual premium equivalent (APE) of the sector grew 17.8 percent, helped by a favourable base and traction in savings, protection products. Among the large firms SBI Life stood out registering a 53 percent jump in individual APE, though Max Life is seeing more sustained recovery. Premium at Max Life also gathered pace, as individual premium growth improved to...

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