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Nancy needles the dragon

Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan brings to mind Mao Ze Dong’s famous saying: ‘the international situation has now reached a new turning point. There are two winds in the world today, the east wind and the west wind. There is a Chinese saying, ‘Either the east wind prevails over the west wind, or the west wind prevails over the east wind’

August 03, 2022 / 08:58 AM IST
Nancy needles the dragon

Pelosi’s Taiwan visit is merely the latest provocation in US attempts to counter the rise of China. (Image: AP)

US House of Representatives’ Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan is the latest escalation of the Great Power competition between the US and China. On the one hand we have a newly assertive China, eager to take over global leadership. On the other we have the US, the ageing global superpower eager to cut China to size. Pelosi’s Taiwan visit is merely the latest provocation in US attempts to counter the rise of China. Of course, both the US and...

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