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Looming US recession need not break the back of Indian IT 

The domestic IT market is waiting to be addressed and if a recession in the developed world pushes the IT firms to look homeward, then that will both make them robust and take development forward

June 23, 2022 / 09:08 AM IST
Looming US recession need not break the back of Indian IT 

There seems to be a global aversion to technology shares which has impacted the valuation of Indian software providers

The long term star performer of the Indian economy, its information technology sector, has lately been taking a beating in the stock markets. Does this mean that in the short or even medium term it is an end of the good days? Or are the latest negative market signals temporary head winds which will be overcome? The latter would be an accurate description of what has happened since last week and earlier in this week. Industry leaders TCS and Infosys...

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