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ITC’s strengths come to the fore during slowdown

The FMCG industry is seeing twin problems of demand slowing down and inflation eating into margins, but looking at ITC’s results, you wouldn’t know it

May 19, 2022 / 01:06 PM IST
ITC’s strengths come to the fore during slowdown

It’s ITC’s day in the sun. The stock provided fodder for memes making fun of the fact that the stock did not move much even as every other stock in the consumer sector leapt from one new high to another. It still had a band of loyalists—on social media at least—who extolled its virtues such as its dividend payouts, steadying of its cigarettes business volumes after a post-lockdown slump and its FMCG business’ taxiing towards higher profitability. We had wondered in...

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