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Index rejigs: Demotion would teach Meta the value of humility

Subjective groupings like “value” are the most artificial. But inclusion might just light a fire under bosses like Mark Zuckerberg

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Index rejigs: Demotion would teach Meta the value of humility

Perhaps the most notable outcome is that Meta, the parent of Mark Zuckerberg-led Facebook, will for the first time join the Russell 1000 value index after being an important component of its growth index, essentially since its 2012 listing

If newspapers write the first draft of history, perhaps index compilers get the rewrite. The annual revision of FTSE Russell stock indices is set to take effect at close of business on Friday. This year’s reshuffle will reflect some sharp drops in stock prices and big changes in the status of companies. Typically, the day features volatile trading as funds tracking the composites adjust their portfolios. They react to shifts in numerically determined benchmarks — what now counts as a...

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