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HUL’s cautious e-commerce play holds lessons

Consumers are going online to shop for FMCG products during the pandemic. While e-commerce players are smiling, have FMCG giants such as HUL missed an opportunity?

July 08, 2020 / 12:01 PM IST
HUL’s cautious e-commerce play holds lessons

This week, the Amazon stock breached $3000 on Nasdaq for the first time. Closer home, Jio Platforms has attracted unprecedented investor interest even as it combined its retail and telecom strengths to launch its e-commerce platform JioMart. The excitement around these companies is understandable. Driven largely by the lockdown of physical stores as well as safety fears that kept people indoors, online sales of groceries and other home products have been rising rapidly. Even before the pandemic effect could be...

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