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Crypto Conversations: Is this the best time to sell SHIB and get into crypto gaming?

A possible sectoral rotation is happening in Crypto with gaming and meme tokens: here’s what you should know 

November 09, 2021 / 10:58 AM IST
Crypto Conversations: Is this the best time to sell SHIB and get into crypto gaming?

Cryptocurrency (Representative image)

The crypto market has been on a tear lately, with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several other altcoins breaking through long-standing consolidation and hitting all-time highs. But that has not been the highlight of October 2021. ShibaInu (SHIB), dubbed the ‘dogecoin killer,’ continued its legendary rally, giving more than 940 percent returns in October alone. This canine-themed token has been hitting new all-time highs week after week, taking over Doge and other major top cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap. At one...

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