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China’s bang-bang control system

China’s volatile style of policymaking is deeply ingrained in its authoritarian system, where power is centralized in the top leadership who suffer from a chronic information deficit. This leads to a policy control mechanism that fluctuates between very lax and very harsh enforcement. 

September 21, 2021 / 08:38 AM IST
China’s bang-bang control system

Chinese President Xi Jinping

The crackdown on big business, especially Big Tech, in China has led to much speculation about what could be the reason for it. Why would the Chinese government want to shoot itself in the foot by cracking down on its fastest-growing sectors? One school of thought believes Xi Jinping wants to return the party to its communist roots—a post in China that went viral called Xi’s moves a ‘profound revolution’. Most Western China-watchers thinks it’s just a matter of Xi...

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