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Personal Finance | Why hope, the last item in Pandora’s Box, is not good news for stock market investors

When Pandora - the first woman as per Greek legend - opened her box of gifts, the last item was ‘hope’. But it didn’t reverse the damage she had caused. Similarly, hope in the stock market doesn’t make you money

December 31, 2020 / 10:34 AM IST
Personal Finance | Why hope, the last item in Pandora’s Box, is not good news for stock market investors

Hope may be a positive emotion in life but it won’t make you money in the stock markets. Let me tell you an interesting story from Greek mythology about Pandora. Like in any mythological story, this Greek one about Pandora also has different versions of the narrative. Here, I have tried to choose the popular one. The titan Prometheus was the creator of mankind and a hero to humans. He did everything he could to help and protect them. Once...

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