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Future Wise podcast | Applying for a university abroad? Here's how you can spot a fake one

Rohit Sethi, Director of ESS Global, a study abroad consultant, reveals how students should verify the credentials of a foreign institute to avoid getting enrolled at a fake one.

December 04, 2019 / 05:03 PM IST

Thousands of Indian students are eager to apply to foreign universities for higher education. While, many manage to get admission to top universities across the US, quite a few get conned and end up enrolling with fake universities.

Recently, several India students were arrested and deported by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials for joining a fake university.

In this episode of the Future Wise podcast, Moneycontrol's M Saraswathy talks to Rohit Sethi, Director of ESS Global, a study abroad consultant, on how students could verify the credentials of an institute to avoid getting trapped by a fake one.

Tune in to the Future Wise podcast for more.

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first published: Dec 4, 2019 05:03 pm

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