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Brahm Vasudeva: The man who made brand Hawkins synonymous with core focus

Non-executive chairman passed away on July 10 at age 84. He vowed that his company would do only what it is good at and closed doors on diversification. That doesn’t mean he was not bold enough. The birth of the Indian Readership Survey is a classic example.

September 11, 2020 / 02:03 PM IST

In the mid-1990s, almost all cookware brands in India had slowly started diversifying into other categories like kitchen appliances and water purifiers, among other household products. But Hawkins Cookers chairman and managing director Brahm Vasudeva was firm about only ‘doing that business which the company was good at’, though many employees urged him to quickly enter new segments.

Brahm was right. Competitors entering other categories barely saw any increase in revenue; in fact, diversification hit their margins.

On July 10, Hawkins Cookers’ non-executive chairman Brahm Vasudeva passed away at the age of 84. He had been at the leadership position for 52 years in the Mumbai-headquartered company, known for its pressure cookers and cookware.

Early days