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What Portfolio users have to say

I thank you for your excellent Portfolio tools and the details mentioned therein on day to day basis. Good job done.

Shekhar Deo

I recently enrolled into your portfolio tool and I found it surprising great and efficient. Till now money control was only my search portal for investment and equities. However now on I find it be more useful. You people are doing a great job and keep up the good work. Being a leader demands a lot of responsibility and it is said that those who has the power also bears great responsibility. Your portal is a great combination of this saying.

Subhash C Bose

The new update in the portfolio section is really good and the chart of showing the distribution of sector wise, mainly the health check is very good. Grt work and consistent upgradation to this site from last two years is adding grt value day by day and making this a good product.


I use your site for my portfolio management. Recently, u have introduced few new features like setting alerts and specifying quantity for Watch list. I think it is very useful. Your site is very user friendly.


Very good and helpful site....its beyond expectation that this type of service which you are giving is totally free.

Kaustuv Chakraborty

I use your portfolio for the last 4 months, continuously and prefer it than anything, and must say its really fantastic. The new initiative too is much useful. Thank You!


I started using portfolio manager and I must say that this tool is the best available online. I have used several others but have to give up for some reasons and I find money control portfolio manager has the best solution for online pf manager. keep up the good work.

Dr Raj

Thanks for your immediate action. You guys are great. Money control is the only portfolio where I keep coming back to for your beautiful version of portfolio stocks,markets, news and updates. keep up the excellent work.


Your online portfolio is just amazing. It's very much useful in tracking one's investments at a single glance. Also it's rich user interface it just awesome. Can't think of even one suggestion. It's just absolutely perfect. Sometime it seems to good to be true. Kudos to the team and keep up the good work. Please :).

Hetav Dave

Thanks for this wonderful option. Now I can track my portfolio anywhere in India. Wish the portal all success.

AY Sakaria

Thank you very much for your continued service and support. The additional features to your porfolio functions (watchlist functions) are very good. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.


Absolutely fantastic website. Excellent Portfolio manager. Very easy to update and absolutely useful. Auto updating is a dream functionality.


I have been tracking the user facility improvements since 5 years; the tools variety is excellent and unbeatable by any other investment monitor facilitation sites; the facilities are soaring every year; the capital gains computing and CG tax computation is superb. Kindly keep up these facilities.


i find this website useful for tracking how my MF's are doing, before this I never knew what was going on with my MF's, now its really easy to track. This website has been very useful for me to track my MF's...KUDOS to your team.

P Solsi

Thanks to help in investment planning like average profit, loss and many more things. Wonderful tool to plan saving or investment.

Hemant K Sharma

Your portfolio is excellent. I was really amazed while adding my stocks and MF. It has all the options. I tried lot of portfolio manager. I feel Moneycontrol portfolio is the best portfolio I have ever seen. Great work and all the best.


I have been using my portfolio since the day (Oct-06) I started doing investment in shares and found huge value in this web based utility/portal. You guys kept it updated and provided up gradation and delivered incremental value for free...hats off to you guys.

Sanjay Yadav

Ur Portfolio service is the best services for me than any other portfolio. It has many advantages. I haven't used all of them. But some features are very good like the investment in mutual fund's sip and automatic updation of NAVs. Some of mutual funds value i check on moneycontrol rather than original statement. Other investments and loans opions are also good.

Mahesh V Zavar

Moneycontrol pattern of display of the Portfolios are very useful for any invester.Thank you very much for your free service for the Invester.

Vivekanandan R

During my 9 years surfing, and creating portfolio with various websites, I have found that Moneycontrol, is very easy, convenient, and smooth. Thanks to the team.


You are doing an excellent service.Your fast updations deep analysis makes an investor absolutely safe..


I heartily appreciate the services provided at your site Specifically the portfolio services. and the internal links to keep me updated on all my stocks. The feature of providing alerts providing news and updates of the portfolio scrips is really fantastic. Thanks for all.

Kailash Lall Chandani

The Portfolio moniter of is excellent as compared to the system. It is extremely good and useful for retail investor like me to track my investments. Well done and Congratulations to your team and effort.


The Portfolio Services provided by moneycontrol are one of the best. I have tried other Indian websites but none reach the quality of info. you have. Keep up the good work.

Vikas Vijayan

Thank you for giving such a good opportunity. I manage and keep all accounts here. I could not find any other site like this.Thanking you once again!

K S Sandip

Thanks for a complete and compact Portfolio manager. It's very user friendly & all functions required in a portfolio manager is available. It's better than the tool provided by my broker company. I can surely say this is one of the best.

Sathish Poojary

Moneycontrol has made common man track his investments. This website has been extremely helpful. It is the best Indian website among all portfolio tracking websites. Thanks to

Vidya S Kamath

I am finding moneycontrol [portfolio] very useful and gives me on the spot picture of my holdings and is in tune with the market -NSE index. I have more than 20 mutual funds investments [mostly equity growth schems from various MFs [being 81 years old], you can imagine how moneycontrol has taken all my tensions and headaches and sharpened my judgement when I open my icicidirect online investment and press 'purchase'. Thanks a million to the team behind this miracle. Kind Regards!

Sunder Thadani

I would like to extend my gratitude to the entire team handling MONEYCONTROL.COM as it has been so useful to manage my entire portfolio under one umbrella and view this with the latest NAV as of the day. As a result, I keep on monitoring my portfolio and redeem / buy new product/s appropriately.

Mukesh P B

Great, I was just adding the Mutual fund and was very happy with your new features to add many funds at once instead of choosing one at a time. Really what a mind behind this website who can imagine the pain and provide the most convenient way to its users. Great team great works, my best wishes to all of you.

Ravi S Verma

This site is really track the shares report protfolio wise and easily gets market value of any portfolio. Updated news help me to take descions of my investment, this is one of advantage for us to see current prices and latest info on same page . I am happy with this site.

Amol Nimje

It�s a very good service, helped me to watch price and keep eyes on my portfolio and create my own portfolio. n the most important i get to know my net worth easily...thnx...


Excellent Site. I have an account in and believe me this site includes every information for a trader. Be a part of portfolio segment like you can add investment, sell them, automatically calculation of Tax amount on shares. History of transactions etc. In market segment, you get the summary of what happening live in the market. In the same way, IPO gives you glance over the issues forthcoming, their rating, brokers, technical expert, etc Really its a very good site.

Ankur Sharma

Ur portfolio site is extremely useful. I am using it from several years and advised many of my colleagues.


You are doing a fantastic job for a retail investor like me.With your inputs & innovatives I am able to track & monitor my portfolio without taking help from a professional financial adviser. Keep it up. Congratulations once again for your fabulous site. Thanks a lot for your wonderful suggestions in parking my investments.

Dr Parag

This is a great platform for beginners like me who are new to the equity share market.there are amazing features like watch list portfolio management, investment risk evaluation and so on. I am really thankful to u guys. Great job keep it up.


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Here's what Portfolio Manager offers you
Tracks all your investments, cash flow and assets, through LIVE price updates. Get a consolidated view of your multiple stock, mutual fund, ULIP or bullion transactions. Know your best and worst investments at a glance and much more...
Capital Gains
Quick summary of capital gains incurred in current fiscal and tax status of your investments if sold today. You can also check capital gains and tax status for past fiscals.
Transaction History
Displays history of transactions that have taken place in your stocks, mutual funds and ULIPs. You can track your transactions for different financial years too.
MF SIP Tracking
Whether 12, 24, 36 or more, update your MF Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) installments in just 2 simple steps. You can also set your future SIPs for auto updation.
Watch list
A powerful engine for those who wish to track Stocks, Funds, and Commodities before deciding on whether to invest in them or not. You can also set price trigger alerts for your stocks.
Portfolio Health Check
Compare your Portfolio Performance against various indices for different time frames. You can also compare individual stocks and funds against benchmark indices.
Track current and historic dividends declared by your stocks and mutual funds. You can also auto adjust your MFs for dividend payouts and re-investments.
Asset Risk
New to investing? This tool estimates your financial risk-taking capacity & risk tolerance level , & accordingly displays an asset allocation for you across different asset classes.
Industry Classification
Displays which different sectors have you invested your money in and also displays what percentage of your total investment belongs to which sector.
Info & Updates
Gives you a financial snapshot of all companies in your portfolio. Displays the latest quarterly results of stocks in your portfolio along with the growth in sales and net profit.
Mail & SMS Alerts
Track your investments even when on the move. Trigger alerts via mail or SMS on price, volume, block deals, news, views, dividends, and your portfolio networth.
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