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Study abroad and paisa vasool

Y-Axis offers free counseling services for students which is a great starting point for your educational journey

January 10, 2022 / 06:31 PM IST

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience. Countries that are popular with students such as the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany, offer not just a stellar academic experience but huge personal and career growth prospects. Whether you are a student just leaving high school, a recent graduate, or a working professional, studying abroad can put your life on the fast track to success.

Studying in a different country will give you a more international perspective and help you see yourself as part of the broader human milieu. The friends you make will further expand your understanding of cultures and human connections. The course and college you choose will have a direct impact on your career. You can earn more money, see greater success, live an idyllic first world country life, and build a family in a welcoming country.

However, studying abroad is a complicated decision. You will arrive at several crossroads in your journey. Which country to choose? Which course to take? Which colleges to apply to? The one aspect that will influence your answer to each of these questions is finance.

Studying abroad is generally more expensive than local options. Tuition fees, travel expenses and the general cost of living all drive up the overall cost of your education.

To ensure you get a paisa vasool education, the study abroad experts at Y-Axis have created a quick 5-step primer that can help you turn your educational investment into a tool that pays dividends for a lifetime.

5.      Getting complete value for your money

1. Understand your current situation and your goals

The clearer the picture you have of the role, industry, and country you see yourself working in, the more successful your overseas education plans will be. You can choose courses, activities, colleges, and internships knowing that they are all moving you forward towards the life you want to lead.

Graduate salary(per year)INR 38 lakhsINR 30 lakhsINR 24  lakhsINR 37 lakhsINR 37 lakhsINR 3 lakhs
Graduate employment rate68.9%87.3%86.4%87%91%26 %
Indian under-graduate diaspora35,400 in 2019105,192 in  2018/201930,0001,67,582 in  2020-202125,149-
No. of world’s top colleges7685620
Avg. tuition feeINR 10 lakhsINR 19 lakhsINR 9 lakhsINR 20 lakhsFree (public universities)INR 5 Lakhs
Approx. cost of living (per month)INR 1 lakhINR 1.2 lakhINR 1 lakhINR 1.2 lakhsINR 75,000INR 15,000 to 20,000
3. Don’t use a commission-based consultant