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Cannabis Day | India needs policy reforms to unleash a cannabis wellness revolution

Apr 20, 2022 03:22 PM IST

India is sitting on a goldmine of opportunities for farmers, manufacturers, and home-grown brands to rapidly expand the cannabis wellness industry in the coming years

April 20 is observed as Cannabis Day, an international observance to celebrate the potential of medical cannabis and cannabis culture at large. It is a day people across the globe gather to advocate the liberalization and legalization of cannabis. Over time, this day has become a noteworthy occasion for cannabis enthusiasts to come together in support of legalizing the use of cannabis for medical purposes. What began with protests and activism eventually turned into a day of celebration for those who wanted to promote medical cannabis.

There is a growing consensus globally today that the harmful effects of cannabis are exaggerated. This has forced governments worldwide to take a more progressive and liberal stance on cannabis. It is high time India follows suit and reconsiders its stance on cannabis-based wellness products, as economies all over the world increasingly shift their focus to medical cannabis. With a paradigm shift noticed on cannabis usage, some countries are even decriminalizing its usage and legalizing the recreational use of cannabis!

In India, the cannabis sector and the entire commercial ecosystem around cannabis as of date is being regulated majorly by the Narcotic Drus and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985, which prohibits the sale and production of cannabis plant-based resin and flowers; however it allows the usage of cannabis seeds and leaves as well as medical cannabis products.

The million-dollar question that we need to ask is: is it time for India to take a progressive step by reforming its policies on cannabis?