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Who needs Vitamin D3 and Magnesium tablets, and how to pick the right supplements for you?

Mar 19, 2023 / 06:56 AM IST

Does a healthy adult or child need supplements to maintain or boost health? The functional medicine pros have some solid answers

The truth is that not everyone can get all the minerals and vitamins they need from food - especially not after a serious illness. (Photo via Unsplash)

Six years ago, after nine gruelling sessions of chemotherapy for Stage 3 ovarian cancer, I was half my size, without any hair on my body, and muscles so shrunk, a half-hour brisk walk left me sore. I consciously started seeking out what I could do to restore my health. After about a year of being free of cancer, I restarted life with new goals, and more importantly, a mental and emotional rewiring. What’s important and what’s inconsequential in life had changed. I was still getting used to the new me, and yet I feel a sense of freedom, forward movement and altered gaze on people, places and events. But my body wasn’t yet ready. I was still feeling exasperatingly sore. It felt as if every muscle and every bone was battling some bruise. The long-term effects of oppressive treatment regimes on our health are often what we aren’t prepared for.

The answer to a pain-free new normal, it appeared soon after consulting with a functional medicine expert, was in supplementing with magnesium. Chemotherapy had impaired my ability to absorb magnesium, one of the key minerals found in food (the human body doesn’t produce magnesium on its own), and the depleting numbers in my blood had caused inflammation, fibromyalgia, an acute pain condition that affects the whole body, and sleeplessness. After two months of taking a Magnesium Glycinate supplement, I started to feel the change.

Functional medicine is a relatively new field in India, and it is trying to fill some very crucial gaps in our health system, especially when it comes to chronic health conditions and lifestyle diseases.

One of the bigger functional medicine companies in India is iThrive, based in Pune, and working with patients from across the country. Mugdha Pradhan, 44, founder and CEO of iThrive, tells me she was depressed after her marriage fell apart in 2017. She started doing her own research, and discovered functional nutrition. She had a master's degree in nutrition from over a decade ago. “I lost 37 kgs and reversed all my health issues! I then began helping out people around me and helped many people experience remarkable health improvements.”