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Starting a business? Make yourself invulnerable to cyber threats with the right security solutions

A new business is vulnerable for many reasons, including the threat of cyber attacks. The good news is: you don't need to be a cyber security expert to give your business the protections it needs.
If you've started your business in the last 18 months, chances are you were part of the great attrition. The pandemic accelerated the dissatisfaction that many were feeling with their jobs, and how these jobs impacted the rest of their lives. The burnout was real, as was (and is!) the enthusiasm to start something of one's own. If there's one thing the pandemic has shown us, it is that we're much more capable than we thought ourselves to be.

A great time to start a business
Particularly in India, the Govt has taken several steps to encourage this: redefining Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), credit access, subordinate debt, and preference in government tenders. SMEs make up over 99% of all enterprises in China today, with an output value of at least 60% of its GDP ; they generate more than 82% of employment opportunities. If India is able to create this kind of MSME success, it will be well on the way to addressing poverty in both cities and rural areas.

It's a great time to start a business. Not only because the Govt is creating the space for it, but because it's never been easier to find the right partners, resources and expertise. In the last quarter of 2020, Dun & Bradstreet surveyed 250 small business owners to understand the impact of COVID-19 on their operations. 54% of respondents stated that they have reduced operational costs through digitisation of daily activities and 51% revealed that adoption of new technologies/digitisation has enhanced their competitive positioning. What this also means is that these solutions are being designed for small businesses.

It's important to protect your business from cyberattacks, but the truth is, some business owners aren't quite sure how. Here's a guide to help small and medium business owners navigate the world of cyberthreats.

Need for cyber security and security infrastructure
  • 63% of companies have experienced a data compromise due to an exploited hardware vulnerability.
  • $13M is the cost of an average data breach.
  • 84% of customers are more loyal to companies with strong security controls

Particularly for a small business, the consequences can be devastating. Unfortunately, small businesses, with their piecemeal architecture, are often the most vulnerable. When evaluating an IT partner, ensure that they have a strong security solution that covers secure data isolation, accelerated data recovery and cyber recovery planning. Look for endpoint security - this is where 70% of the breaches occur. Also, look for a provider who offers you 24x7 security operations - you want to monitor threats across your end points, network and servers (cloud, if using). Ideally, you'd also want proactive identification of threats, so that your business isn't affected at all.

Every 11 seconds, there is a successful cyber or ransomware attack. So use a proven, 4-pronged approach to data security:
  • Secure Data Isolation: Limit access to those who need it. Look for solutions that store your data in ways that limit the access (and therefore the threat of data theft and/or loss.)
  • Leverage Analytics: Stay ahead of the rapidly changing threat landscape and sophisticated cyber criminals with adaptive analytics, machine learning (ML) and forensic tools to detect, diagnose and accelerate data recovery.
  • Accelerated Data Recovery: Responding to cyber attacks and recovering critical data and systems requires accuracy, simplicity and speed. Give your business resiliency by partnering with providers who can give you automated recovery workflow solutions.
  • Cyber Recovery Planning: Stay ahead of the problem by identifying and mitigating risks in advance: identify key applications, recovery times and objectives, and work these into your cyber recovery plan.

Shop for a solution that provides this out of the box - the less you need to ask for and spell out, the better. Remember, cyber security solutions are services, and the more your service provider shares your values, the more seamless and strong your security solution will be.

Dell's PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution, for instance, protects and isolates critical data from ransomware and other sophisticated threats. Machine learning identifies suspicious activity and allows you to recover known good data and resume normal business operations.

Dell Technologies - Your One-stop shop
Whether there's a threat detected or you're having trouble protecting vulnerable data, you want an IT partner that offers impeccable support. Choose a company that helps you navigate threats, finds solutions and takes the hassle out of cybersecurity. When you're in it for the long haul, finding the partner who supports your long-term vision is key. Dell’s robust cybersecurity solutions work.

In the next article in this series, we will explore how to enable your business and your employees for long-term success, with a Work From Anywhere Framework.

Whether you're just starting out, growing into your next phase, or about to burst onto the international scene, Dell has the tried and tested solution you need for your business. Dell understands the power of startups, having been one. It also understands the pain of being a startup, which is why Dell Technologies is hosting an exclusive Republic Day Sale to help equip small businesses with the solutions they need, through offers that focus on them.