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The Challengers’ MSME Summit

The Challengers brings to the forefront how MSMEs can leverage technology innovations to reimagine their businesses, scale up and pivot to growth. We aim to demonstrate how MSMEs can prepare for the future and ensure business continuity by reviving operational efficiency, driving business resilience and fostering agility with help of technology.

July 9, 2021


Small businesses have served as catalysts in helping India’s thriving economy, but many still face challenges. Digital adoption could help MSMEs transcend geographic boundaries and connect with consumers in distant markets, as well as streamline their operations. MSMEs need to develop a roadmap towards recovery by implementing digital transformation to remove obstacles from their journey, and identify new opportunities that will help grow.

  • Who should attend

    Whether you are an existing small business owner or aiming to start your own venture, our content aims to inform, educate, and engage you with the emerging opportunities for MSMEs, and what technology solutions can fuel business growth.

  • Why to attend

    This summit's content has been specially designed to give you insights about how technology can boost business productivity and accelerate growth. Come find out how Dell Technologies can help launch your transformation journey and achieve your business goals.

Summit Highlights

  • Using technology for connectivity and communication
  • Exploring disruptive technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain and Cloud
  • Challenges and solutions related to digital transformation
  • One-stop solution for digital adoption and continuity






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