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Tech First Small Businesses Showing the Way Forward

#StopAtNothing - An initiative by Dell Technologies and Moneycontrol to empower small businesses

Aug 18, 2022 | 3PM


Technology heralds a new age of businesses. Maverick experiments by small businesses mark the dawn of mindsets that did not exist until now. Digital-first entrepreneurship has used technology to set up and scale operations. Companies increasingly rely on ideas that ride on robust and reliable tech support. Our all-women panel talks about:
Tech First Small Businesses Showing the Way Forward

The conversation between experts who wish to see small businesses thrive.

Summit Highlights

  • Understanding the unique positioning of a digital-first business
  • How technology is helping open new frontiers for talent acquisition
  • How tech-first businesses tide over geographical barriers
  • Can technology help overcome cultural biases?
  • Solutions for understanding and developing your target audience