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Future-Ready Framework SMBs can Adopt Now

#StopAtNothing - An initiative by Dell Technologies and Moneycontrol to empower small businesses

July 14, 2022 | 3PM


A robust ecosystem is taking shape and its stakeholders are working relentlessly to become the strength of other businesses. Small businesses have unprecedented access to expertise, tools and systems that can act as growth catalysts.
Moneycontrol in association with Dell Technologies is hosting a roundtable Future-Ready Framework SMBs can Adopt.

The conversation between experts who wish to see small businesses thrive.

Summit Highlights

  • Introduction to chambers and portals that articulate demand
  • Small businesses: challenges, solutions, experiences and expectations
  • Technology solutions and upgrades, where to find qualified advice
  • How digitisation has helped SMEs improve efficiency
  • Are customised solutions for small businesses available?