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Recovering from the Pandemic: A Look into Small Business Strategies with Technology  

Covid-19 has been a rollercoaster ride for every single business across the globe. While some industries worked overtime to look after the needs of the people, some had to, unfortunately, shut shop completely.
The fact is that in the new normal, consumer behaviour changed rapidly and permanently. According to McKinsey, consumer behaviour changed as they adopted newer ways to shop: 65% of the respondents said they would continue with the new ways of shopping. The same report also highlights how about 60% of the companies are unprepared to capture this new consumer pool on e-commerce.
Small businesses were now faced with a major need for upgrading their tech base to cater to increased productivity needs.
Innovating with technology has helped small businesses turn themselves around. Let's look at some of the ways they managed to achieve this feat. 

Lead Generation by Leveraging Modern Technology and Consumer Behaviour Statistics 
Technology has endowed commerce with media like smart television sets, OTT services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, internet-based channels like social media, and even better radio. A recent study by YouGov revealed that 48% of Indians are more likely to trust social media advertising. Hence, small businesses cleverly focused their marketing efforts to target their audience's digital spaces to siphon in more leads.
Key takeaway: Generation of leads where they are concentrated the most helped businesses capture a wider consumer base.

Resourcefulness and Innovation
According to Entrepreneur, it has come to light that several small businesses innovated in their own way and created strategies that tackled the common problems that Covid-19 created for commerce:

Several small businesses moved to contactless deliveries utilizing flexible payment options like UPIs, QR codes, net banking, and card payments.
Many welcomed new technology to onboard their operations to the online world. AI and machine learning are now at the front and center of consumer experience bubbles; voice-based chatbots are leading consumer engagement, and automation of business processes is drastically reducing time-to-market.

In fact, Healthi, a Bangalore-based digital preventive health start-up, is helping over 2.5 million users spread across 250 Indian cities to get follow-up care as per the norm. They have partnered with Dell Technologies for technological solutions for their workflows and to ramp up their operations.
Key takeaway: Innovation and resourcefulness were the way out of the economic vortex created by Covid-19, and small businesses had the resilience needed to navigate the pandemic aftermath smoothly.

Technology holds no bias; small businesses can benefit from technological advancements as much as the big names in the industry.
Dell Technologies celebrates such inventive, resilient small businesses and start-ups through its Annual Sale. They feature multifarious technological implements like high-performance laptops and peripherals on encouraging discounts for budding businesses with special offers the entire time. Much like Healthi, Dell Technologies aims to extend its support to many small businesses in their creative ventures for bettering the community by partnering with them for technology that boosts productivity.