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How Small Businesses are Adapting to Shifts in Customer Behaviour Post Covid-19   

Consumerism and commerce took a massive hit during the pandemic. However, the pressure has now eased, and things seem to be springing back into shape little by little.
But, something has changed. A culture of consumer-first has overtaken the spheres of business, and businesses are having to forcefully revamp their strategies to stay in the competition. All through this transformational turmoil, Dell Technologies has pledged its commitment to small and medium scale businesses for enablement, hand-holding and assistance in technological adoption.
Post Covid-19, consumer behaviour has significantly altered. A McKinsey finding revealed that consumers were increasingly opting for trusted brands and preferring local stores to global labels. The truth is, another McKinsey study highlights that consumer behaviour fostered during the pandemic is going to stick around well into the future, especially in the case of e-grocery shopping and virtual healthcare.
So, what tools should a small business equip itself with to tackle the rapidly transforming consumer behaviour?
The first tool available to SMBs is digitality. Let's see how.

Infrastructural Agility 
Whether in the retail category or in the services niche, the mantra today is deploying a mobile, remote-friendly workforce that can work from anywhere. In fact, a QA study highlighted that companies are now focusing more on their agile ecosystems in addition to infrastructure (tools, processes and more); the adoption of software development teams has increased to 86% this year from a figure of 37%.
The most important tool to have is a robust infrastructure that facilitates a hybrid work environment, innovations powered by data and analytics, and flexible delivery of IT capabilities to the desk. Dell Technologies empowers small businesses with its holistic solutions in technology deployment, enterprise support, tailored solutions, collaboration and productivity technologies and much more. In fact, APL's Co-Founder Adam Goldston talks about the necessity of technological mobility, highlighting how Dell's products have helped him create great designs on-the-go, and how they have enabled seamless collaboration with his team.

Managing Technological Upgrades and Expenses
The pandemic transported the world eons ahead in terms of technology adoption in various spheres of life in a matter of months. McKinsey underscored in their report how telemedicine grew 10x worth in just 15 days and how online entertainment traversed seven years in just five months.
This technology acceleration is unlikely to slow down; small businesses expect rapid upgrades in the tech implements they deploy for business operations. Things being so, a payment profile or portfolio of sorts was set up with a technology partner that enabled rotation of the tech in use, upgrades, scaling and a lot more with flexible finances. Being tech-ready is another important aspect of being consumer-ready.

Technology Partnering
Statista reports that global spending on digital transformation will have grown to 2.4 trillion by 2024. While the pandemic seems to be contained now, the digital and technological adaptation hasn't slowed down even in its wake. SMBs today aggressively modernise their operations; Dell Technologies has been earnestly involved in assisting them with adopting modern solutions.
From consulting to deployment, from support to training and education, Dell Technologies handholds the technological journey of small businesses through and through.
Tech Mahindra's technology partnership with Dell Technologies aims to co-create innovative solutions for the nation, in addition to evolving internally.

Dell Technologies - Bringing Technology to Your Door 
Dell Technologies hosts an annual sale to help equip small businesses with acquirable technological solutions through offers that focus on the needs of small businesses. It is involved in consistent efforts towards encouraging SMBs to grow and make a difference in the community through its technological offers and solutions.