Board Meetings

Board Meetings - List of Board Meetings along with dates.

Company Name



Affle India 27-Feb-2021 Preferential Issue of shares
BCL Limited 27-Feb-2021 Others
Bella Casa 27-Feb-2021 Others
Deccan Health C 27-Feb-2021 Others
Interactive Fin 27-Feb-2021 Others
HKG 27-Feb-2021 Rights Issue
Vikas Proppant 01-Mar-2021 Quarterly Results
Allied Digital 01-Mar-2021 Others
Balu Forge Indu 01-Mar-2021 Quarterly Results & Preferential Issue
Linde India 01-Mar-2021 Audited Results & Final Dividend
Five X Tradecom 01-Mar-2021 Others
HTaI 01-Mar-2021 Others
MM Rubber 01-Mar-2021 Others
Narendra Invest 01-Mar-2021 Preferential Issue of shares
Power Grid Corp 01-Mar-2021 Interim Dividend
Rajeswari Infra 01-Mar-2021 Others
Vikas WSP 01-Mar-2021 Quarterly Results
Abhishek Infra 02-Mar-2021 Others
Jump Networks 02-Mar-2021 Quarterly Results
Comfort Comm 02-Mar-2021 Others
India Lease Dev 02-Mar-2021 Independent Director Meeting
JagranPrakashan 02-Mar-2021 Buy Back of Shares
Kirloskar Ferro 02-Mar-2021 Interim Dividend
Macro (Int) Exp 02-Mar-2021 Others
Ranjeet Mechatr 02-Mar-2021 Others
Thangamayil 02-Mar-2021 Interim Dividend
Aditya Vision 03-Mar-2021 Employees Stock Option Plan
BCPL Railway In 03-Mar-2021 Others
Magnanimous 03-Mar-2021 Others
Oswal Leasing 03-Mar-2021 Right Issue of Equity Shares
Kreon Fin Serv 03-Mar-2021 Preferential Issue of shares
Unick Fix-A- Fo 03-Mar-2021 Others
Angel Fibers 04-Mar-2021 Others
Dynamic Portfol 04-Mar-2021 Others
Quint Digital 04-Mar-2021 Others
HKG 04-Mar-2021 Independent Director Meeting
Bindal Exports 05-Mar-2021 Others
Coal India 05-Mar-2021 Second Interim Dividend
BTL 08-Mar-2021 Quarterly Results
Vision Corp 10-Mar-2021 Quarterly Results
Supreme Petro 12-Mar-2021 Others
Venlon Polyeste 30-Apr-2021 Others
Silgo Retail 11-Dec-2021 Others