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Budget 2017-18 Flashes

Budget Flashes

  • 13:32 Deemed rental taxation relaxed for 1 yr for builders holding stock in trade, says KPMG
  • 13:27 Deemed rental taxation relaxed for 1 yr for builders holding stock in trade, says KPMG
  • 13:24 FIPB may be phased out by 2017-18. New FDI policy under consideration, says KPMG
  • 13:22 Relaxation in tax incentive conditions could make housing more affordable, says KPMG
  • 13:21 Cap on cash transaction over 3 lakhs to help increase bank deposit base, EY says
  • 13:19 Increased purchasing power for aam janta to drive consumption, says EY
  • 13:17 No Major Changes In Existing Indirect Taxes In Light Of GST Implementation, says EY
  • 13:14 Simplified Tax Return Forms For Those Earning Salary Income Upto Rs 5 Lakh, Says EY
  • 12:58 Net revenue loss in direct tax could be Rs 20,000 cr due to exemptions, says FM
  • 12:58 Greater accountability on tax officers for errors of commission & omission, says FM
  • 12:56 Not proposing many changes to indirect taxes given GST roll-out plan, says FM
  • 12:55 GST implementation to bring more taxes to states & centre, says FM
  • 12:54 CBEC will continue to strive to implement GST, says FM
  • 12:54 GST council has finalised recommendations on all issues based on consensus, says FM
  • 12:53 Substantial progress in ushering in GST regime, sys FM
  • 12:52 To levy surcharge of 10% on income between Rs 50 lakh-1 crore, says FM
  • 12:52 Tax foregone from deduction in tax rate at Rs 15,500 cr, says FM
  • 12:51 50% saving in income tax if 1 person is earning up to Rs 5 lakh, says FM
  • 12:51 Reduce existing tax rate for income of Rs 2.5-5 lakhs to 5% from 10%, says FM
  • 12:50 Govt trying to bring more people into tax net, says FM
  • 12:49 For quick refund of tax returns time-frame reduced to 12 months, says FM
  • 12:48 CBDT circular becomes null & void for FPIs, says FM
  • 12:47 To exempt some FPIs from indirect transfer provisions, says FM
  • 12:46 Political parties will need to file income tax returns, says FM
  • 12:45 Propose to amend RBI Act for issue of electoral bonds for political funding, says FM
  • 12:44 Maximum cash donation receivable by political party from one source at Rs 2,000, says FM
  • 12:43 Propose transparency in political party funding, says FM
  • 12:43 Exempt CVD, SAD on miniature POS & m-POS machines, says FM
  • 12:41 No transaction over Rs 3 lakh will be permitted in cash, says FM
  • 12:40 To cut presumptive turnover threshold for companies w/turnover up to Rs 2 cr to 6%, says FM

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