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Insure your life early so your family feels secure in times of necessities

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10 point checklist that helps to buy right health insurance   

5.55 pm | 22 Apr 2015 |  Source:

There are many health insurance options available with wide range of benefits. You should focus on factors such as benefits and conditions that limit ...

Buy insurance to protect your smile and save tax too   

10.15 am | 20 Apr 2015 |  Source:

Insurance products offer to protect yourself against unforeseen risks. Insurance policies also offer tax benefits on premium paid. One should choose r ...

Seven reasons why your car insurance claim may be rejected   

10.58 am | 17 Apr 2015 |  Source:

Buying a car insurance is a must and protects your economic interest in your car. However in certain conditions there can be rejection of claims.

Personal accident cover: bridge between life & health cover   

10.36 am | 16 Apr 2015 |  Source:

Buy personal accident insurance cover at least 50 times your monthly salary. Do check the coverage options before buying personal accident policy.

Buying travel insurance policy? Use this 5 point checklist