A Masterclass for
The Thoughtful Investor
In this masterclass veteran investor Ajit Dayal gives thoughtful investors an investing drill in managing their investment journey and some of the relevant cues they can pick up to decide their mutual fund investment options. It will converge into the practical side of investing where one is able to accrue consistent value over a period of time which are also knows as risk adjustment returns.
Session Highlights
  • Logic of investing in high quality & undervalued stocks
  • Demystified investing with the 80% - 20% rule for asset allocation and returns
  • The makings of a “thoughtful investor”, and some do’s and don’ts to become one
  • Global examples of investor friendly policies for Indian markets
  • Calculating the commissioning structures in Mutual Funds
  • Using a crisis to collect, seeking long-term earnings after weighing in the panic
  • ​​​​​​​Differentiating between asset management and asset hoarding
  • Unraveling the TRI as a benchmark (total return index)
  • Winning with quality over quantity
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