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Join us for a session on
Driving Innovation to Build a World that Works
July 29 | 4:00 PM

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed organization to adopt technologies – digital and industrial - to address the challenges to keep their operations running. Now, as we navigate through the new normal, it is important to be future-ready and innovate to build efficiency, reliability and predictability across several sectors including healthcare, energy and aviation. In this discussion, we will explore how breakthrough innovation,best-in-class engineering, analytics and artificial intelligence can propel us forward to build a world that works.

Points of Discussion
  • Innovation a priority in present times
  • Talent and funding for innovation
  • Building products that can serve for 20+ years
  • Examples of path breaking innovation
  • Accelerating innovation and technology for our future
  • Sectors where innovation, adoption of advanced tech is a neccessity
Innovation for today, tomorrow and future
Building a world that works
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