International Tea Day 2023

India’s tea legacy: 7 brews we love

Moneycontrolnews May 21, 2023

Masala Chai

The Masala Chai is an Indian beverage made from home remedy and best suited to cure common ailments. It combines black tea leaves with spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and ginger.

Darjeeling First Flush

Darjeeling First Flush teas are one of the most prized beverages. The tea has a muscatel flavour and the leaves are harvested from the first week of March to the first week of May.

Darjeeling Second Flush

Another tea variety coming out of Darjeeling is the Darjeeling Second Flush.The teas have a muscatel tone and often considered the best teas from the region.

Assam Leaf

Assam is the world’s largest tea growing region and has given the perfect breakfast tea called the Assam Leaf. The tea was first observed by a traveler from Europe in the 17th century.

Tulsi Ritual

Inspired by India’s traditions, Tulsi Ritual helps in weight loss and improves stamina. Tulsi leaves along with antioxidant-rich green tea leaves can help develop immunity and helps recover from cough and cold.

Cardamom Classic

The Cardamom Classic is a sweet black tea containing cardamom and when brewed with milk and sugar, you get a rich, Indian tea, as the haunting flavour.

Lemongrass Classic

Lemongrass tea is best suited for mornings with its strong yet mellow flavour. Lemongrass tea offers the sweet flavour of lemongrass and the robustness of black tea blend into the ideal brew.

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