Tim Cook’s India trip

A round-up of Tim Cook’s India trip

Apple CEO Tim Cook reached India to inaugurate the company’s first two retail stores in the country – one in Mumbai and the other in Delhi.

Inaugurating the stores wasn’t all he did in India – Tim Cook also relished vada pav with Madhuri Dixit

He met some of India’s star badminton players while in Mumbai and learned how the Apple Watch is helping athletes

Tim Cook inaugurated Apple BKC store in Mumbai on April 18

He also visited an Akanksha Foundation school supported by Apple and interacted with students

At the Indian School of Design & Innovation, Cook learned more about how technology is helping designers

Next on his itinerary – Delhi, where the CEO of Apple first visited the Lodhi Art District

Then the National Crafts Museum & Hastkala Academy

And then he met PM Narendra Modi. “We share your vision of the positive impact technology can make on India’s future,” wrote Tim Cook

Finally, on April 20, Tim Cook inaugurated the Apple Saket store

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