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A virtual tour of the Colosseum

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    View of the Colosseum from the outside

    “As long as the Colosseum is standing, Rome will stand and the day it falls, Rome will fall and so will the world”

    And so the saying goes about Colosseum – one of the 7 wonders of the World. It is not surprising that they say so about this gigantic amphitheater in Rome for the sheer size of it can make you gasp.

    An arena for the ancient Roman games with beasts and boats, this theatre is said to accommodate over 80,000 Romans in its hey days. Let’s re-live the glory of the gladiators through this virtual tour of the Colosseum.

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    View from Level One

    Besides the ground and underground, the Colosseum towers over three conspicuous levels.  You can climb up to level one, while level two is closed and level 3 is partially destroyed.

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    The main Arena

    The wooden arena served as a stage for the main games. Note the underground maze in the background.

    This was flooded with water for some naval games in the early Roman days. Later, wild beasts were set loose in the maze while the gladiators tried to escape them to safety.

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    Seating for the Audience

    The seating was for the Senators was the closest to the Arena while the slaves had to climb to the highest levels


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    Underground tunnels

    There are special tours that take you through the underground tunnels in the Colosseum. The same are published on the official Colosseum website. Here is a glimpse of the tunnel from level One.

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    Trapdoors and Cages

    The trapdoors and cages were used to contain the slaves and the wild beasts before the games begin.

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    View of the Roman Forum from the Colosseum

    Take some time and visit the ruins of the Roman Forum behind the Colosseum. The ruins have their own interesting tales for you.


    Compiled & Contributed by Ami Bhat

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