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Tulip gardens in Netherlands

  • Tulip gardens in Netherlands

    A little distance from Amsterdam, in a place called Lisse lies this beautiful,  Tulip garden called Keukenhof. Open only for two months of the year, this park attracts thousands of tourists from across the world to witness gorgeous blooms of every possible color and experience a floral extravaganza.  

  • Tulip gardens in Netherlands

    Tulips of every possible color greet you within the park.  The colorful landscape is a perfect backdrop for capturing your travel memories through photographs.

  • Tulip gardens in Netherlands

    The gorgeous fountains and pools add to the refreshing atmosphere of the park. Don’t be surprised to find a few mallards floating along the fountains.

  • Tulip gardens in Netherlands

    It is not just the ducks that you will find here. Adding to the floral landscape are lovely winged beauties like this peacock.

  • Tulip gardens in Netherlands

    It is not just the Tulips but other flowers like the brightly colored Hyacinths that charm you as you walk through the park. The unusual color combinations tend to mesmerize most of the visitors here.

  • Tulip gardens in Netherlands

    Keukenhof is also, a cultural hub where you can experience and understand the Dutch heritage.  You can climb up the old wooden windmill here or try out the giant wooden clogs (traditional Dutch shoes) kept in front of the windmill.  The windmill is also, the start point for the famed Whisper boat ride at Keukenhof.

  • Tulip gardens in Netherlands

    Don’t forget to visit the glass house at Keukenhoff. Witness the lovely floral arrangements - each one being an amazing creative piece of art.

    Compiled & Contributed by Ami Bhat

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